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Triadism is a major cosmological belief within Astronism and forms a significant reactionary affirmation about the nature of The Universe. Essentially, triadism, as followed by triadists, upholds that the nature of The Universe is predicated upon three essential notions forming the triadic formulation of Astronist beliefs about The Universe.

The first of which is that The Universe remains uncreated; this is due to its infinite nature because logicality states that anything infinite cannot have been created and cannot end. Therefore, The Universe cannot have been created by The Divine which is a notion held in order to keep within the logic of what it means to hold an infinite nature.

The second of the triadic formulation is divine sustainment which states that The Divine is the one and only sustainer of The Universe. Even though The Divine did not directly create The Universe and instead exists in simultaneity with The Universe, it remains superior to The Universe by the notion that it sustains The Universe while The Divine does not require sustainment due to its divine nature.


The third segment of the triadic formulation is divine omnicreativity which upholds that although The Divine did not create The Universe itself as it instead interpenetrates and coexists with The Universe, it did create everything in existence within The Universe which pertains to an infinite amount of existential products of divine creation.

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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